Interdev Fashion

An offshoot of the Dubai based business union “Interdev Group”, Interdev fashion is MEA’s first corporate initiative to popularize high fashion in the day-to-day lifestyle of the region. Acting upon this vision, the organization has launched the brand “OGIN77” exclusive for off-price retail operations via trade fairs, e -commerce portal, virtual expos, and offline stores. Interdev Fashion is also an active distributor of premium brands in the region and owns luxury leather brands “Ferulle” and “Shuaat”.

“A Luxury Within Reach”

Interdev Fashion is committed to make the world-class fashion sensations available and affordable to all people from different walks of life; so, they cherish the vanity of pride and confidence.

“Preserving Heritage”

The fashion industry is highly reflective of the imagination, desire, and psyche of human civilization. However, fashion is not all about exalting the limits of human desires so that we can look forward to an optimistic future, but it is also a strong medium through which we have preserved our heritage, legacy, and essence of what we are. Interdev Fashion has high value for preserving the legacy and values of our heritage and culture by means of the fashion products it promotes.


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