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Managed security

Advanced security services managing threats, safeguarding data, and ensuring your business's continuous digital safety.

Fortified digital frontiers, round-the-clock

Interdev's Managed Security Services offer advanced cybersecurity solutions including threat monitoring, risk management, and incident response to protect your business against evolving digital threats.

Our proactive stance on cybersecurity, utilizing the latest technology and strategies to protect businesses. Our expert team delivers peace of mind with round-the-clock monitoring and swift threat response, setting industry benchmarks for digital security.

managed security summary

Our scope

Our expertise spans custom security system design, surveillance installation, monitoring solutions, and compliance adherence. We ensure robust protection for your assets and data, tailored to meet the unique security demands of your industry.

prevention system
Intrusion detection
& prevention system

Monitoring networks for malicious activities and policy violations, taking immediate action to prevent potential breaches.

security monitoring

Providing 24/7 surveillance to detect and respond to threats, ensuring your IT systems are always safeguarded against cyber risks.

Threat detection
& response

Quickly identifying cyber threats and responding effectively to mitigate risks and protect business operations.


Identifying, evaluating, and addressing IT vulnerabilities to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and reduce risk exposure.


Managing and optimizing firewalls to block unauthorized access and ensure efficient network operations and data protection.

Security information
& event management

Analyzing security alerts in real time for immediate threat detection and response, enhancing overall cybersecurity posture.


Ensuring your cybersecurity measures comply with relevant regulations and standards to avoid legal and financial penalties.

Security training
& awareness programs

Educating employees about cybersecurity best practices and threat awareness to foster a culture of security.

antivirus system
Anti-virus &
anti-malware management

Implementing and managing antivirus and anti-malware solutions to defend against malicious software.

Incident response
& forensics

Rapid response and detailed analysis of security incidents to mitigate impacts and prevent future occurrences.

Security expertise, unmatched vigilance

Our approach focuses on proactive threat detection, robust protection measures, and continuous monitoring, tailored to defend against evolving cyber threats.


Threat identification
& assessment

We proactively monitor your IT environment to identify potential issues, applying preventive measures to ensure uninterrupted business operations


Proactive protection
& response

Our strategic support spans immediate help desk assistance, onsite management, and tailored solutions, ensuring a resilient and adaptable IT infrastructure for sustained operational excellence.

icon-continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring
& optimization

Focusing on continuous improvement, we regularly review and optimize your IT services while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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We collaborate with diverse brands, leveraging our expertise to enhance their solutions and deliver exceptional result

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